We accept installment payments for a minimum bill of Php 2,000.00 excluding local shipping fee. 

Select Installment Payment upon checkout and fill out this form. 


Through the Want It Installment Payment Program, availing your favorite K-Pop merch won’t be hard on the pocket!

Q: What do you mean by “installment payment”?
A: An installment payment is a series of payments instead of a full payment to compensate the seller.

Q: Who are the qualified customers for this program?
A: Customers who have a minimum total bill of ₱2,000 are eligible for this program. However, if the customer is a minor, he/she should have a representative of legal age.

Q: How many months can I pay?

₱2,000-₱4,999.99  2 months
₱5,000 and above  3 months

Q: Does my monthly payment include interest?
A: No, your monthly payment is totally interest free!

Q: How much should I pay for the first installment?

2 months  50%
3 months  40%


Q: When will I pay for the first installment?
A: The first installment should be paid on the deadline of payment (DOP).

Q: When will be my next due date?
A: Your next due date shall be on the same day of the next month/s. For example, you paid for your first installment on April 13, 2020. Your next due date will be on May 13, 2020.

Q: I failed to pay on my due date. Is that okay?
A: That will not be a problem. A 3-day grace period is applied in this program. However, if you still fail to pay 3 days after your due date, you will be charged for a late payment fee of ₱300.

Q: What items are qualified in the installment program?
A: All items are qualified, including fan club assistance, if the minimum total bill is ₱2,000.

Q: I am interested in an item that is worth ₱1500 and my friend is interested in an item that is worth ₱600. Can we combine our order so that we can qualify for the installment program?
A: Yes, you may. Although if the items are for shipping and not for a meet-up, the items can only be shipped to 1 shipping address.

Q: I ordered in a GO and would like to purchase an on-hand item and the total bill would be more than ₱2,000. Would that be qualified for the installment plan?
A: As of now, orders for on-hand and GO cannot be combined to be eligible for the installment plan.

Q: Are shipping fees included in the installment?
A: No, shipping fees are not included in the installment and should be paid in full once charged.
Shipping fees:
1. International Shipping Fee (ex. EMS fee) – if the item price is not “all-in”
2. Local Shipping Fee or “LSF”

Q: Are there requirements in availing the installment program?
A: Yes, there are.

  1. Agreement Form for Installment Payment which we will provide
  2. Contactable Personal Reference
  3. Copy of identification
    • 1 valid government ID for non-students
    • b. Latest school ID for students (undergraduate students only)

Q: How many times can I avail the installment program?
A: There is no limit in availing the installment program. If you meet the ₱2,000 requirement, you may avail.

Q: Is your program subject for approval?
A: No, it's not, but we review the applications submitted. If there would be customers who would want to avail again but are not good payers, we have the right to reject.


  1. Shipping fee/s (international shipping fee if the item price is not “all-in”, and local shipping fee if applicable¬) is not included.
  2. Grace period of 3 calendar days after due date will be applied.
  3. Late payment fee of ₱300 shall be charged if unpaid after the last day of the grace period.
  4. Provide identification (ID) and a contactable personal reference.
  5. Failure to pay after the end of the term will be tagged as a bogus buyer and will be posted in all of our social media platforms.