1. Fill out and pay for the cancellation fee through the order cancellation request form.
  2. You will receive an email regarding the status of your request.
  3. Your order will be cancelled and be refunded if you have already fully or partially paid for your order.


Order cancellations are valid for customer-initiated requests. Please read the terms below:

  • For orders made within 1 day regardless of payment status: NO ORDER CANCELLATION FEE.
  • For orders made after 1 day regardless of payment status: cancellation fee of 10% of total amount (excluding shipping fee) regardless of payment status.


Order Date: October 17, 2021 No order cancellation fee
D+1: October 18, 2021 No order cancellation fee
D+2: October 19, 2021 10% order cancellation fee



  • If we have not successfully secured the items in the customer's order/s.
  • If we initiated the order cancellation due to various circumstances from our end, not including suppliers (miscalculated pre-order stocks, damaged item while packing, etc.).

Exceptions DO NOT include:

  • Supplier delay (our KR to PH courier, KTown4U, WeVerse, Aladdin, etc.)
  • Slightly damaged but sealed items before and upon arrival in PH - we make sure to inform customers immediately if items arrive in a condition we did not expect.
These situations are beyond our control.

    Our shop orders only in trusted Korean websites. If otherwise (fansite, locals), it is always stated in the product listing and we make sure that they send us a photo of the stocks before we move forward with our transaction with them.



    Q: Which orders are covered with the cancellation fee?

    A: See below:

     Order Date Cancellation Fee Order Cancellation Request Form
     Before October 18, 2021  No Yes
     October 18, 2021 onwards  Yes Yes


    Q: I placed an order and would like to change the courier. Will I be charged for a cancellation fee?

    A: No, you will not be charged.


    Q: I placed an order today but I decided to add another version of the same album. Will I be charged with a cancellation fee?

    A: No, we can just modify your order.


    Q: I received an email from you where it says that your stock delivery from Ktown4U which includes my order is being delayed due to restocking issues. Will I be charged with a fee if I decided to cancel?

    A: Yes, you will be charged since this is out of our control.


    Q: Can my cancellation request be denied?

    A: Yes. Make sure you fill out the details correctly and is aligned with the terms and exceptions.


    Q: I already paid for 50% of my order but I decided to cancel. How much is my cancellation fee?

    A: Your cancellation fee will be 10% of your total order amount (excluding shipping fee), not 10% of the amount you have already paid. You will not be charged a fee only if you cancelled within 1 day upon placing your order.


    Q: I haven't paid for my order yet and I want to cancel. Will I be charged with a cancellation fee?

    A: Yes, you will be charged with a 10% cancellation fee. You will not be charged a fee only if you cancelled within 1 day upon placing your order.


    Q: Will you process my order cancellation request if I only sent you a DM about it?

    A: No, you need to submit an order cancellation request for proper documentation. If we credited the wrong refund amount, you may use the approved request as proof.