How to change Lysn password

Please refer to the steps below on how to change your Lysn password:

1. Select the three dots on the bottom part of your screen then select the equalizer-like icon on the upper right of your screen. It will direct you to the Lysn app settings.


2. Scroll down to "Privacy Settings" and select "Lysn Account".


3. Select "Next".


4. In Korean, Lysn will prompt that they sent a verification email. Select "OK".

Note: if you did not receive an email within minutes, select "resend verification email".

5. When you receive the email, it will say that it is an email requesting to change your Lysn password. Select "Verification".


6. After selecting "Verification", it will direct you to this page saying you have completed the verification and you can now change your password.


7. Go back to the Lysn app and then select "Next". This will direct you to the page where you can now change your password.


8. Input the password that we gave you.


9. Once Lysn has accepted the details, it means that your password has been successfully changed.